Boston Fintech Week

October 10 - 13, 2023
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Building the Infrastructure We Need for a Bold Financial Future.

Join us Oct 10-13 for Boston Fintech Week 2023. We’re diving into the revolutionary technologies and financial infrastructure transforming the fintech landscape as we know it. Entrepreneurs and industry innovators will explore how new pathways for products, services, and distribution channels are ushering in - or not - the golden age of Financial Services. We are on the brink of an exciting future for fintech, and you do not want to miss a minute of the fun!

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    2-Day Conference

    Join us Oct 11 & 12 at the Boston Federal Reserve for the mainstage events hosted by Fintech Sandbox, featuring insightful keynotes, engaging panels and roundtables. Ticket required.

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    Community Events

    Throughout the week our community partners will be hosting a range of free events throughout the city of Boston. Check out the Agenda page to learn more and register separately.

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    Connect with fintech leaders, founders, investors, and more as the global fintech community comes together in Boston!

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What People Say

"A must-attend event for those interested in how technology is altering finance."

Bill Haynes, Founder and CEO of BackBay Communications

“Over the past decade, fintech has taken center stage as a key driver of innovative growth within the financial services sector. Our sponsorship of Boston Fintech Week offers us a tremendous opportunity to learn from, engage with, and support those on the leading edge of fintech innovation.”

Mike Fanning, Head of MassMutual US

“Excellent events and amazing organization. Small team delivered world-class speakers and active audience.”

Ron Suber, Fintech Advisor and Investor

“A must-attend event not only for Fintech professionals but also for anyone interested in the future of global economy."

Attendee, 2022

Agenda Highlights

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    Luminary Keynotes

    Hear new industry trends and predictions from executives throughout fintech and financial services.

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    Networking Receptions

    Meet and network with other conference attendees in the evenings to celebrate Boston Fintech Week.

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    Community-Led Events

    Attend insightful panels and sessions hosted by other organizations across the fintech community.

1,000+ Attendees
145+ Speakers
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5M Twitter Impressions
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Boston Fintech Week 2022

What members of the media said about Boston Fintech Week

Bloomberg Baystate Business

What's the biggest emerging trend in fintech? Hear coverage of Janet Wu's fireside chat with Greg Smith of FT Partners.

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"Whether you are part of an innovative fintech company, an investor looking for your next project, or someone who’s just interested in financial technologies, Boston Fintech Week is a must-attend event."

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Who Attends

Everyone is invited to participate! Previous attendees include a mix of entrepreneurs, senior financial services executives, data providers, venture capitalists, academics, students, regulators, and media members. They came from Europe, Asia, South America, Mexico, Canada, and almost every state.

By Company Type

  • Financial Professional

  • Startup

  • VC + Service Providers

  • Consultant

  • Data Provider

  • University

  • Other


By Job Position

  • Vice President

  • Director/Manager

  • Owner/CXO/Partner

  • Associate


About Fintech Sandbox

We help fintech startups around the world access data and build impactful products.

Fintech Sandbox is an industry-backed nonprofit enabling innovation in the financial sector, by making data and infrastructure available for free at the point when such access is most impactful. We focus on well-qualified, early-stage fintech startups from across the globe.

Fintech Sandbox residents, in return, are expected to collaborate with each other, sharing learnings and advancements that benefit the fintech ecosystem overall. Participating startups pay no fees, and no equity is taken.

More than 260 startups from around the world have been accepted as participants since we launched in 2015. Alumni include Kensho (acquired by S&P Global), Petal, TellusLabs (acquired by Indigo), and Quantopian. Companies accepted to the program have raised, in aggregate, more than $600 million and created more than 600 jobs.

In addition to organizing and hosting Boston Fintech Week, Fintech Sandbox also presents a Demo Day each year to showcase FinTech Sandbox alumni, and — new during the pandemic — virtual Fintech Talks.

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“We were looking for a community of like-minded fintech professionals, and we found it.”


"Fintech Sandbox would allow us to do a lot of product exploration by providing access to the data that we needed.”